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This blog is for all past and present students of Sydney English Teacher as well as those who are interested in developing their English language skills. Here you will find information, tips, learning links, and practice exercises which will help you improve your English in a fun and effective way. Regular posts are provided in the following areas: Speaking and Conversation skills; Listening Comprehension Development; General Reading Strategies and Reading Comprehension Skills; General, Business and Academic Writing Skills Improvement; Understanding and Usage of Grammar; Long-term Vocabulary Acquisition; Pronunciation/Accent Reduction; University Preparation and Support; Skills for Exam Success; English Skills for the Workplace; General Language Development; and English for Children. Feel free to contact Nicole with any questions or requests for future posts, and please visit the links below for more information and for detailed learning advice on your chosen area. Thank you for visiting!

Reading Skills

If you wish to improve your overall reading skills, to understand more when you are reading, to read more quickly, and to apply practical reading strategies, visit the reading skills section of the blog. Click here

Writing Skills

Want to improve your skills and confidence in the area of writing? Here you’ll find lots of practical tips, step by step strategies, and recommended practice exercises for general, business, and academic writing. Click here

Grammar Development

If grammar is something you worry about, you’ve come to the right place. With the best resources on the web reviewed and explained, grammar advice combined with fun exercises will simplify this difficult area. Click here

Vocabulary Development

Want to make learning words more fun? The vocabulary posts are filled with step by step instructions, useful learning and revision tips, and lots of recommended activities for vocabulary success. Click here

Listening Skills

Learn how to develop your ear and understand details more easily. This section of the blog offers practical tips for listening comprehension development and provides lots of useful ideas and resources for practice. Click here

Speaking Skills

Keen to be more confident and fluent when you speak? Want to sound more natural and make less errors? The speaking skills section is filled with helpful tips and practice ideas to help you achieve this goal. Click here

Pronunciation Skills

If you wish to reduce your accent and to develop your pronunciation skills, this section of the blog will point you in the right direction of the best pronunciation websites and practice activities available. Click here

Language Development

Developing general language skills and effective practice techniques is essential for language learning success, especially if you wish to push your English to the next level. Want more details? Click here

Exam Preparation

Reduce your stress around exam time with Nicole’s tried and tested exam preparation tips. Achieve the results you deserve by establishing strong study techniques. New blog posts added constantly. Click here

Business English

Lift your skills and confidence for the workplace and communicate at a more professional level by following Nicole’s advice and by visiting her recommended Business English development resources. Click here

Academic English

If you’re striving for academic success, this section of the blog will provide you with valuable advice on all things academic including essay writing, research skills, giving presentations and much more. Click here

English for Children

Make learning English as a Second Language as enjoyable as possible for your children with the practical advice and fun learning activities presented in the posts found in the English for Children section of the blog. Click here

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